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ASG holds SIA Approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding services.

Store Detectives

Store Detectives are used covertly to ensure that theft by either staff or public is prevented.  They work in plain clothes and are there to blend in.  They are experienced in the retail world, as most have been Retail Security Guards before stepping up to Store Detectives, or have come from Military or Police backgrounds.

If a person is acting suspiciously the Store Detective will follow and observe the behaviour and record it.  If the person then leaves the store with items that they have not paid for, they will be detained by the Store Detective until the Police arrive.

There is an increasing need for Store Detectives, as shoplifting is becoming a more organised crime. It has evolved where gangs look to target certain shops and centres and a large amount of usually expensive clothing is stolen on bulk. 

Store Detectives are being further used to check on employees, this could involve random bag or locker checks and till operating observations.