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ASG holds SIA Approved contractor status for the provision of security guarding services.

Static Security

These are also referred to as Manned Guarding and the title is somewhat misleading as they are very rarely static.  Their primary role is to conduct a comprehensive security patrol, whilst this is widely seen as to prevent and deter an intrusion, which is only a small part of their role, they can be tasked to:


Intrusion is very rare occurrence as when a Guard is deployed a number of tasks have already been completed. A full site survey is undertaken by ASG and all risk areas are addressed by ASG and the client and a plan agreed. Key check points are established and they are logged in real time, so that they can be accessed via the internet by the control room or the client to see that the patrol have been carried out. To put it simply the guard will swipe a check point and using technology similar to a mobile phones that is recorded immediately. This is monitored by the control room 24/7.